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there in a prosecco

13 things every woman who loves prosecco knows to be true

<3 you, prosecco.

prosec Flickr Flickr

1. Nothing makes you feel fancier than a glass of Prosecco

Once someone pops a glass of Prosecco, you acquire the airs and graces of Kate Middleton.

2. Until you start hoofing it into you, that is

And you realise that you’re accidentally tipsy and very giddy. Whoops.

3. You just don’t like to see a bottle go to waste, though

You’re just looking after the environment.

4. Although you have resorted to desperately putting a spoon in a bottle of Prosecco to preserve its fizz overnight

Anything for Prosecco <3

5. Your eyes light up when you see these three words in a bar

B8lkpOICIAAMWPy Delancey&Co / Twitter Delancey&Co / Twitter / Twitter

Come to Mama.

6. Prosecco puns are part of your personal brand

7. And you fully relate to this sweatshirt’s message

secoc inthestyle inthestyle

8. You’ve accidentally had Prosecco for dinner once or twice

9. And you are all too familiar with the ensuing hangover

As the saying goes, “Ain’t no hangover like a prosecco hangover ’cause a prosecco hangover don’t stop.”

10. The day you discovered mini bottles of Prosecco was truly a personal milestone


BRz0xQkCQAECBkz Louisa Worskett / Twitter Louisa Worskett / Twitter / Twitter

11. Your life would be greatly enhanced by this contraption

12. Or this

13. Because no matter how much it hurts you, you’ll never stop loving Prosecco

Cheers to that.

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