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10 desperately important things you need to know about this year's Coachella


IF YOU’VE BEEN on social media at all over the past couple of days, you’re likely aware that Coachella is underway at the moment.

Yes, millions of flower crowns have descended on the California desert to watch the likes of AC/DC, Jack White and FKA Twigs do their thing.

Also, basically every celebrity is there. Even David Hasselhoff.

Here’s what you need to know.

1. Clint Eastwood is there for some reason

The 84-year-old actor was spotted hanging out with Bradley Cooper and apparently took in a bit of AC/DC.

Sure, okay.

2. Hozier performed an early evening set and blew everyone’s socks off

He even performed a duet with Este Haim!

3. He also hung out with Jesse Pinkman

No biggy.

4. Beyoncé announced her arrival at the festival with a GIF

Source: beyonce/Instagram


5. Men are doing lots of, ahem, interesting things with flowers

Can we not?

6. Also, it’s official: man buns are the new flower crowns

Leonardo DiCaprio’s man bun is among the man buns gracing the festival with its presence.

7. The world’s two biggest arseholes posed for a photo

8. Katy Perry was reunited with left shark

Source: katyperry/Instagram

9. Oh, did we mention David Hasselhoff is there for some inexplicable reason?

Here’s a video of David spinning around and saying Coachella over and over again.

10. Wish you were there? Just watch this video and we guarantee you’ll be glad you’re not

Source: JustinBieber Videos 2.0/YouTube

Nope, no thanks.

Still suffering from Coachella FOMO? Livestream the gigs here.

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