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20 milestones of every Irish debs

It’s that time of year again <3

1. The parade of people posing outside for local photographers and generally behaving as though they’re at the Academy Awards.  “What paper are you from? The Munster Express? Please take the photo from my left side.” *poses*

2. The shock when someone unexpectedly knocks it out of the park and looks unreal. “Have you seen Peadar?”

3. Girls sizing each other up and saying things like, “Oh my God, you look gorgeous”. (While lads look at their watches and wonder when they can remove their tie.)

4. More corsages than a 90s teen movie.

5. Terse exchanges about who is sitting at what table. “You mean you’re not sitting with us?”

6. And gossip sessions about who betrayed who. “Well, Megan didn’t sit with Sinead, which I personally thought was a bit of a slap in the face.”

7. People horsing into potato and leek soup for ‘soakage’. (And tossing bread rolls at each other across the table. #banter)

8. So many pints and bottles of Bulmers! Bulmers: the ultimate Debs drinks.

9. Students posing for photos with teachers and realising they’re actually humans, too!

10. Proclaiming one teacher in particular to be a “legend” because you saw him/her drinking a pint.

11. Absolute *scenes* in the bathroom as girls gather to reapply make-up and tell each other how gorgeous they look.

12. Aaaaand someone getting sent home for being too drunk. (RIP, fallen soldier.)

giphy (4) Source: katscompendium/Giphy

13. Lads going absolutely buckwild on the dancefloor to Cotton Eye Joe, Maniac 2000 and Jump Around.

14. But getting palpably awkward when something that might require slow dancing comes on.

15. Couples absolutely mauling the faces off each other…

16. … and having the piss ripped out of them by classmates. “WEH WEH WEH, YE SAPS”

simp Source: Simpsons World

17. Someone’s date making an absolute holy show of themselves and everyone regarding them with pity.


19. Lads removing their jackets/ties/garments to really “get down on the floor”.

20. And girls throwing on their discarded garments for… warmth? To be gas? Who knows ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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