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16 photos that perfectly sum up life as a third wheel

When your best friends are going out, it looks something like this.

BEING A THIRD wheel can happen to the best of us. Everyone has been in that position where you’re best friends with a couple and every night out seems to end up with just the three of you.

You’re not the first – and you won’t be the last:

1. Throughout history, the third wheel has always been there

VvuOQ8P Imgur Imgur

Hanging on and being awkward.

2. Ruining romantic photo opportunities on nights out

instainsert Instagram Instagram

3. Trying to fit in while the couple larks around

3rdwheel Imgur Imgur

4. Not knowing what to do when they’re shifting

wheel1 Imgur Imgur

5. And your only other option being the awkward look away

wheel3 Youtube Youtube

6. The helpful third wheeler

wheelinsert Instagram Instagram

7. If restaurants catered to third wheels

mf3RIre Imgur Imgur

8. Which every single restaurant should do

tbShm1R Imgur Imgur

That extra space is just too painful to glance over at all night.

9. Trying to get some of the attention

3wsF9qJ Imgur Imgur

10. When food just matters more

insert3 Instagram Instagram

It’s always been there for you.

11. When the only thing you can do is stare the camera out of it

wheel2 Imgur Imgur

^representing third wheels everywhere

12. And you’re in the cinema like

AavzK Imgur Imgur

13. When the couple is so relaxed together they go for a nap

dZPfC3W Imgur Imgur

And you just check your phone. Again.

14. At a party you’re left holding the balloons

wheel4 Tumblr Tumblr

15. Every photo is an awkward opportunity to prove your third wheel status

YQmflHu Imgur Imgur

Not sorry.

16. Even multiple couples don’t stop third wheelers from wheelin’

wheel5 Tumblr Tumblr

Absolute troopers.

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