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This guy documented his life as a third wheel and the results were brilliant

When your best friends are a couple, this happens.

OFTEN, YOU DON’T choose your life as a third wheel – you just happen to be friends with a couple and end up doing lots of stuff with them.

So, this guy was clearly living the third wheel lifestyle hard, because he put together an Imgur album simply titled Third Wheelin’ – and the internet is loving it. It sums up the life of a third wheeler perfectly:

Here he is shopping with the couple

thirdwheel3 Source: Imgur

The third wheeler in question was friends with the couple for three years when he was taking these photos – and there was a very happy ending for everyone.

He went on trips with them

thirdwheel2 Source: Imgur

And to the amusements

thirdwheel4 Source: Imgur

What else can you do when you’re the third wheel with two of your best friends?

Here, hanging out with them in their living room

thirdwheel5 Source: Imgur

And on holiday with them

holiday Source: Imgur

And after three years, he was there on their special day

thirdwheel1 Source: Imgur

Well, he was hardly going to miss that wedding.

He just represented the life of a dedicated third wheel to everyone on the internet – and for that he deserves so much praise.

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