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This city is selling itself as 'the most Irish-friendly in Europe'

Why? Because it’s so GREEN.

A screengrab from Poznan’s Irish-friendly tourism website

POZNAN IN POLAND is now “the most Irish-friendly city in Europe”, according to its new official marketing campaign.

Why? Because it’s so, so green.

Since thousands of Irish fans descended on the city for Euro 2012, Poznan has made no secret of its affection for the visitors. Authorities turned civic buildings green for St Patrick’s Day – perhaps because the mayor enjoyed visiting Dublin for a pint.

But the new campaign – complete with a website that begins “Dear Irishman!” – really steps it up. According to its radio ad, Poznan is Irish-friendly because of “how much we have in common” – for example…

“All the trams are green”


“A GREEN belt in the city centre, with a lake and a ski slope”


“Beer – the most popular sold in GREEN bottles”


“They love the colour green in Poznan!”


Thanks, Poznan! We love you too!

The female voice in the ad is “famous Polish actress Magdalena Różczka”, according to this statement on the city’s website, which also explains (via Google Translate):

The recording highlights the entertaining character of the city, which loved the Irish so much that it mentions the most popular colour of beer bottles in Poznan – green.

The ad then invites Irish people to visit www.poznan.travel to plan their trip. Listen in full here! (The Soundcloud page is green, obviously.)

But perhaps we shouldn’t feel too special – Poznan is also running promotional campaigns in Germany.

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