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# worst year
52 reasons 2016 was the actual worst
Make it end already.

IT’S BEEN A shite* year, let’s be honest.

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*Please note, 2016 can be a shite year and not have it take from the fact that past years have also been shite.

1. Brexit actually happened

2. Trump was elected as President of the free world

3. James Corden was chosen as the Grammys host

4. Bowie died

5. Alan Rickman died

6. Justin Bieber did this dance in a Dublin club

Justin Bieber Videos 2.0 / YouTube

7. Prince died

8. Gene Wilder died so Willy Wonka will never be the same

9. Irish Tinder also died

10. The arse peach emoji disappeared

11. The wonderful Caroline Aherne passed

12. Pokémon became a thing, a dangerous thing

13. Toblerones did THIS

14. The whole clown thing

15. Mayo failed to break the curse, again

16. Angelina and Brad Pitt broke up, so Brangelina is no more

17. One Direction didn’t release one damn song, my GOD

18. Terry Wogan left us

19. Harper Lee died causing everyone who studied To Kill A Mockingbird for the Junior Cert to mourn

20. A politician dabbed in the Dail


21. Can’t Stop the Feeling by Justin Timberlake was released

22. We lost Ronnie Corbett

23. And Victoria Wood

24. Muhammad Ali also died, so many deaths

25. The Rose of Tralee was crashed, is nothing sacred?


26. We were blamed for the pool turning green at the Olympics

27. Emojis appeared on the Junior Cert English exam

28. The word of the year was declared as Post-truth

29. Conor McGregor lost one of his fights

30. We lost Pete Burns and Andrew Sachs

31. Leonard Cohen died

32. Dunnes Stores began selling a wooden plank for sixty quid


33. Luas drivers went on strike and ruined our lives

34. Bus drivers went on strike and ruined our lives

35. Joshua Jackson and Diane Kruger split up

36. The whole Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston thing happened

37. Saorise Ronan didn’t win her Oscar

38. There hasn’t been a peep out of Ed Sheeran and he had his face sliced with a knife

39. The Irish summer in general


40. The whole rental situation in Dublin reached peak grim 

41. The John Lewis ad just WASN’T THAT GOOD

42. Ireland was mistaken for being in the UK a disproportionately large amount compare to past years

43. We lost the Front Lounge

44. And Gino’s in Cork

45. RTÉ announced it wouldn’t be making children’s TV shows in-house #BringBackBosco

46. There was no Slane gig, wtf

47. That death on Orange is the New Black

48. Carrie Fisher died

49. Debbie Reynolds died

50. We lost George Michael, on Christmas day of all days

51. Elf wasn’t on telly at all

52.  Finally, this happened


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