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This Dublin pub is sharing nightmare customer stories on Twitter, and it's gold

The takeaway? People who work in pubs are SAINTS.

CI1h6yYWgAAHAF7 Source: thomashosuedub/Twitter

THOMAS HOUSE, LOCATED on Dublin’s Thomas Street, is practically an institution — a good old-fashioned drinking hole with decent tunes and reasonably priced pints.

This afternoon, the person behind Thomas House’s Twitter account has been sharing “tales from the pub”.

And they are horrifying and entertaining in equal measure.

Seriously, people are terrible.

bar Source: Flickr

Who is this cretin?

toilet Source: Flickr

Okay, we’ve all been that soldier.

couch Source: Flickr


fish Source: Flickr

Probably the same cretin that’s stealing the toilet rolls.

mug Source: Flickr

“Oh hiya.”

sink Source: Flickr

But seriously, next time you’re in the pub, spare a thought for the person pulling your pint.

For who knows what horrors he/she has witnessed.

toil Source: Flickr

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