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15 thoughts that go through every Irish person's head while watching Winning Streak

You love it. Don’t deny it.

EARLIER THIS WEEK, RTÉ announced that it had axed Million Euro Challenge and would be replacing it with Winning Streak.

Million Euro Challenge had initially replaced Winning Streak in the RTÉ spring schedule, but now it looks like we can look forward to Marty and Sinéad all year long as the show will be broadcast throughout the autumn.


The show is a national institution and whether you’re 17 or 97, chances are you have tuned in to it at some point and had these exact thoughts.

1. Would I go on to Winning Streak if my Mam put my name down on the card?

A big question that all Irish people have to grapple with at some point: would you go on Winning Streak if a loved one asked you to?

On the one hand, you have to appear on television and risk the chance of humiliation.

On the other hand…

giphy (29) Source: Tumblr

2. Oh look! That man has brought a monkey teddy bear for good luck

monkey Source: Flickr

“I hope he wins,” you think to yourself.

3. Oh God, now I am emotionally invested in whether or not this man from Mullingar does well on Winning Streak

giphy (33) Source: Reddit

No turning back now — come on, Gerry!

4.  This woman Kathleen looks like she still has her communion money

giphy (34) Source: Giphy

“You’d just know by her.”

5. Wait, what are the rules of this game now?

treasure Source: YouTube

You long for the simpler days of Treasure Ireland — a Winning Streak game we all understood.

6. Don’t ask the crowd for help! They’re useless


Meanwhile, you’re shouting “Number 6!” at the television and wondering how you ended up here on a Saturday night.

7. Ah Jesus, Kathleen is already on €10,000 and a holiday to Rome

giphy (32) Source: Giphy

Pfft, of course she is.

Meanwhile, Gerry and his pet monkey are on a meagre €5,000.

8. I’ll tell you what — I’d definitely take the money instead of the car

giphy (35) Source: Tumblr

No question.

9. Oh God, they’re picking out next week’s contestants


You know you haven’t sent in a scratchcard, but there’s still a tiny bit of you that is terrified of your name being called out.

Our next contestant is from Dublin.

Oh, sweet Jesus. It’s me. I know it is. Someone is playing a practical joke on me. Who would do such a thing?

“And it’s Mick McCarthy from Dublin 12!”

Oh, never mind.

10. Did Marty Whelan just say “good girl” to that 65-year-old woman?



11. How does the great spinny ball machine work?



12. Oh! Looks like Leonard is spinning the wheel


A dark horse.

Fair play, Leonard. At least it’s not Kathleen.

13. The ball has touched €500,000! I can’t believe I’m getting to witness this!

giphy (31) Source: archerdalton/Tumblr

Leonard’s life is going to change forever!

14. Aaaand it’s back to €22,000

giphy (30)

Marty and Sinéad chant “3-2-1″ and it’s official.


15. Is… is that man touching Sinéad’s arse?

Looks like it.

Until next week!

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