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That 'three-boobed woman' the internet is obsessed with? It's likely a hoax
Jasmine Tridevil claimed to have spent $20,000 on getting a third breast.

BACK IN AUGUST, a young woman named Jasmine Tridevil posted a video entitled “3 Breasted Woman” to YouTube.

The video featured Tridevil with what appeared to be three breasts, dancing to Creep by Radiohead.

Jasmine Tridevil / YouTube

Last week, Tridevil gave an interview in which she claimed to have paid $20,000 to get a third breast surgically implanted on her body. The logic behind the procedure? She didn’t “want to date anymore” and thought this would make her less attractive to men.

The 21-year-old also stated that she wanted to become famous and was in the midst of filming a reality show pilot for MTV called Jasmine’s Jugs.

Naturally, the story gained traction on Twitter.

And it was covered by everyone from The Huffington Post to The Daily Mail.

jasminetridevil Jasmine Tridevil / Facebook Jasmine Tridevil / Facebook / Facebook

That’s all well and good except for the fact that it’s most likely another internet hoax.

This morning, Snopes did some detective work and found that Jasmine Tridevil’s real name is Alisha Hessler, whose previous claim to fame involved forcing a man who allegedly assaulted her to hold a sign saying, “I beat women.”

Furthermore, Snopes discovered that Hessler is a massage therapist whose website reads, “Provider of internet hoaxes since 2014″.

hoax Manta Manta

Aside from all this, there are several red flags in her story.

Several doctors have publicly cast doubt on her story, while Tridevil claims that the surgeon who performed the procedure signed a non-disclosure agreement, meaning that there is nobody to substantiate her claim.

Similarly, all the photos have come from Tridevil herself meaning they could have been easily manipulated.

For her part, Tridevil maintains that she’s the real deal.

jasmine2 Jasmine Tridevil / Facebook Jasmine Tridevil / Facebook / Facebook

She responded to Daily Dot’s request for comment with the following.

My surgery was recorded and will be on my show.

Meanwhile, there are other theories developing. Namely that Jimmy Kimmel is behind it.

Adding fuel to the fire? Tridevil stating that she was booked to appear on Jimmy Kimmel’s show this week.

jasmine Jasmine Tridevil / Facebook Jasmine Tridevil / Facebook / Facebook

Curiouser and curiouser.

Watch this space.

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