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8 reasons why Thursday is definitely the best night for pints

Embrace the Friday hangover.


It’s Thurday night and there is no question that it’s the finest evening for a few drinks. Why? Well:

1. You only have one day left of poxy work

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It’s a simple but effective thing to keep in mind – and your chief tool in convincing someone to come alone “for one.”

2. When you go out on a Thursday night, you are essentially starting your weekend early

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3. Which makes it a de facto bonus weekend night

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Make every weekend into a three dayer with this simple trick.

4. People don’t really have proper excuses to avoid it either

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On weekends it’s well understood that people have lives and aren’t likely to join you for a few pints.

But if it’s just a few straight out of the office? They’ll be there.

5. Which means the crowd is solid and probably up for some shenanigans

Thursday Night Pints:

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Tiredness from the working week + a few pints = zero f**ks given.

6. The pubs are slightly less packed out of it on a Thursday night

Friday and Saturdays be all:


7. Whilst still maintaining a serious buzz

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Why? Because everyone knows it’s Thursdaaaay night. This isn’t the dark days of Monday and Tuesday. There is life in the pub.

8. And finally, there is NEVER a better time to have a hangover than on a Friday

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You still have the whole, wonderful weekend stretching out in front of you, AND you had serious craic last night.

Compare it to a hangover on a Monday and we’re dealing with two completely different beasts. Embrace the Friday hangover and with it, Thursday pints.

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