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17 times hotels were exceptionally sound

Great bunch of lads.

DIAL ONE FOR service.

1. This should be in every hotel, ever

apic Source: Imgur

2. The lone traveller was well looked after

C34p6y0 Source: Imgur

3. This fair warning

6xz4fbq Source: Imgur

4. A pillow menu. A PILLOW MENU

4W8jchO Source: Imgur

5. When a little son left his stuffed giraffe behind and the hotel staff kept him up to date

2012-05-17-Joshiepic2 Source: Ritz Carlton via Huffington Post

2012-05-17-Joshiepic5 Source: Ritz Carlton

2012-05-17-JoshieRitzCarltoncard Source: Ritz Carlton

2012-05-17-Joshiepic6 Source: Ritz Carlton

6. This Father Ted request in a Dublin hotel, delivered

afather Source: Daniel Buckley

7. This perfectly reasonable request

d9AvbXt Source: Imgur

8. And this one

ToOUdCU Source: Imgur

9. What hotels DON’T do this as standard, when you think about it?

4uh2m8L Source: Imgur

10. These guys aren’t just sound, they’re saints

6xOb56i Source: Imgur

nIQ0SN9 Source: Imgur

OM6VpP3 Source: Imgur

11. When a little boy who left his Nintento DS behind and returned to this

TWbzayv Source: Imgur

12. The hotel that put this under the bed


13. The hotel that gives out pets during your stay

j6sapns Source: Imgur

14. And lets you choose your air

abarc Source: Imgur

15. All hotel phones should have a dedicated pizza line, well, just all phones

aani Source: Ingur

16. This trusty advice found in China

6qMhna1 Source: Imgur

17. And this perfectly clear door sign

agTPo Source: Imgur

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