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15 times people were just way too brutally honest

It’s time to get real.

SOMETIMES, THINGS JUST get too real. We’re all for being truthful, but sometimes it’s best to reel it in a bit.

1. Let’s get started with these kids

You may get away with NOTHING.

FIBE7Vh Source: Imgur

2. They’ll tell it like it is

rSRntJo Source: Imgur

3. Illustrations and everything

P1h4nSW Source: Imgur

4. This shop is just letting you know what to expect

nGVObE1 Source: Imgur

5. This guy knows why you really want his services, he’s just saying it out loud

We’re sure Wonderwall is first up.

8zudQLx Source: Imgur

6. This professor isn’t about to hide his true work accompaniment

C5cxJOo Source: Imgur

7. THIS professor won’t even work at all. Deal with it

fL83osC Source: Imgur

8. This cap manufacturer is just dropping the harsh truth

It’s up to you to pick it up.

gY3gyjt Source: Imgur

9. Dave’s being honest, even if his mother isn’t

B81HorX Source: Imgur

10. This hot dog stand has no sympathy for you and isn’t afraid to show it

sn6mX3q Source: Imgur

11. For a small fee, you get two hours of recording time and a brutally honest reality check

s7HOz2i Source: Imgur

12. It’s your birthday but there’s still no escaping reality

2Q3o4sV Source: Imgur

13. Better these customers find out sooner rather than later…

WNl17qD Source: Imgur

14. …like these guys

WH0FnSn Source: Imgur

15. In conclusion. Listen to honesty, respect it

It really ISN’T any way to live.

f8eozr3 Source: Imgur

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