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prank caller

Don't leave your desk unattended in the 2fm office...

You’ll come back to a shiny new one.

TOUGH DAY IN the 2fm office. 2fm staffer Carl returned from two weeks holidays to find his entire desk covered in tinfoil.


10418223_878625445484305_5205285443229107134_n RTÉ 2fm RTÉ 2fm

A shiny new office, lucky duck.

10489711_878625672150949_1585118220305068494_n RTÉ 2fm RTÉ 2fm

Even his glasses got a foil coating. Is nothing sacred?

10517496_878625722150944_1289726343970209069_n RTÉ 2fm RTÉ 2fm

There seems to be some notorious pranksters roaming RTÉ, with one of the mystery jokers recently ‘illustrating’ DJ Mark McCabe’s pillar with some insightful lyrics.

mark-mccabe-desk_-375x500 Acompleteweapon Acompleteweapon

Even cars aren’t safe. Nothing is.

photocar RTÉ 2fm RTÉ 2fm


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