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10 of the best burns ever dealt out on Tinder

It’s a jungle out there.

ONLINE DATING IS hard, especially when you have to keep dealing out these killer burns.

1. This act of generosity

tumblr_ni2r78Wadz1u2n93co1_500 Source: Tinder Burn

2. This Irish lad’s vindication


3. This rebounded rejection

x69kuiY Source: Imgur

4. And this one

nY8hN7i Source: Imgur

5. This honest soul

Si89icW Source: Imgur

6. And this one

Hahaahaha Source: tindernightmares

7. Lowering all expectations from the get-go

E0RxD54 Source: Imgur

8. This cut throat approach

tumblr_ng4xbzwDtg1u2n93co1_500 Source: Tumblr

9. A woman who knows what’s ahead of her

XQnVNq7 Source: Imgur

10. This is isreali harsh

V3ckYug Source: Imgur

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