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14 of the most intense Tinder puns ever delivered

“Are you a haunted house?”

1. This hard-to-please customer

2. This animation aficionado

3. This person who has never had sex, or been fishing

4. This career advisor

Source: Gadgetpics

5. This appealing prospect

6. This question that was not expecting the answer ‘Yes’

Source: Gadgetpics

7. This killer pun-on-pun finisher

Source: tendertalesoftinderfails

8. This pun that went WAY too far

9. This unskilled home mechanic

Source: @emzroberts94

10. This elaborate setup

11. This touching family story

12. This all-out pun war

Source: tendertalesoftinderfails

13. This brutal smackdown

14. And this desperate last-minute pun save

Source: Imgur

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