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This guy has taken his Tinder game to a whole new level of cringe

Ground, swally us up.

WE’VE SEEN ENOUGH bleak Tinder users to last us a lifetime, a lifetime locked away in a bunker, remaining single forever.

Redditor Coppeliacoppelius matched with a guy named Solomon who insisted she fill out a questionnaire to see if the pair could begin to date.


She posted the Google Docs questionnaire to Reddit, showing Mr Perfect to think along the lines of a college student doing their last-minute thesis research.

Clearly, the online community began putting joke entries into the form and it was quickly deleted.

This answered questionnaire filled out on Satan’s behalf gives us a look.

gl2Rgaq Source: Imgur

“How would you describe yourself?”

  • Curious cat
  • Storyteller, listener
  • Grumpy Cynic
  • Witty goof
  • Sober queen
  • Goddess youthful beauty
  • Angel face
  • dreamy eyes slothface

y7gWajv Source: Imgur

“Are you willing to take a year off from your work or study to travel with Solomon if you are convinced he is your soulmate?”

zPcXk45 Source: Imgur

What do you expect from Solomon?
Would you like to meet Solomon?


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