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Tinder now lets you 'Super Like' people you REALLY fancy

*wiggles eyebrows*

LIKE TINDER, BUT feel it’s too impersonal? You’re not alone.

Tinder has just introduced a ‘Super Like’, a whole new way to swipe. But what does it even do?

swipe_up___match Tumblr Tumblr

The Super Like is a way of letting someone know they “stand out from everyone else” – you don’t just like them, you like like them.

When you see someone you really fancy, simply swipe UP (rather than left or right) and when they see your profile, it will appear like this:

super_like_indicator Tumblr Tumblr

They’ll instantly know that you LOOOOOVE them, and if they swipe right on your profile, it’s an immediate match.

But don’t be too hasty with your Super Liking – Tinder says it doesn’t want them to be sent out willy-nilly, so everyone will get just one to use a day.

Like Bebo Luv, if you remember that.

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At the moment, Super Likes are only available in Australia, but they will roll out globally later on this year.

We’d swipe up on you, dear readers. All of you.

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