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17 simple tips to make the most of your small apartment
Turn your tiny studio into a palace.

SO YOU’RE ALL set in your tiny apartment for the new college or working year. But, you’d have more space in a toilet cubicle.

Here’s how to make what you’ve got, stretch.

1. Hang up your bike

No garden area or hall to leave your bike, but afraid it’ll be nicked on the road? Don’t let it clog up your living room, hang it up on some wall mounts.

Minimal-Wooden-Bike-Hooks-1 Hiconsumption Hiconsumption


2. Put your bed on some stilts

Buy a set of bed risers like this lot from Amazon, and you can slide a bunch of storage boxes under there.

51oLN0ZSM3L Amazon Amazon

3. Use shelves as a headboard

If you’re stuck with built-in bookshelves, prop your bed against it and hide any dodgy stuff on the covered shelves. Look at all the floor space, so much room for activities.

a60ea8299154fdcc733527350a7f1b5f Pinterest Pinterest

4. Hang things up on pipes

Don’t have manky exposed pipes in your flat? Lucky you! Fake it, using this deadly tutorial.

diy-industrial-chic-pipe-magazine-rack-and-hanging-storage-upcycledtreasures Upcycled Treasures Upcycled Treasures

5. Use corners for extra hanging space

Corners are a waste of space. Use them for wardrobe overflow, or em, brollies, with the Corner Cloakroom.

9b24bef7f42a17ffa63a789c4220b8fe_large The Corner Cloakroom The Corner Cloakroom

fea1bde32578cdc028e53a2e21cc2df7_large The Corner Cloakroom The Corner Cloakroom

6. Hang hangers on hangers

Double up on each hanger.

jkjijij Bookofjoe Bookofjoe

You can even use the ring pull from a can to achieve the same effect.

double-size-your-closet-using-soda-tab-hangers.w654 Wonderhowto Wonderhowto

7. Invest in an fold-up desk

Think, IKEA’s laptop station. Fold it up when you don’t need it, open it up when you do (the night before your deadline).

ikeaps IKEA IKEA

8. Use your desk as a locker

Why have both? Especially if your room is basically the size of your parent’s kitchen table.

12f4cfe2caf655e51da340ae1323c0c5 Pinterest Pinterest

9. Or just ditch the desk altogether and buy a laptop stand that can double as a locker

You study in bed anyway, be practical.

svartasen-laptop-stand__0186949_PE339818_S4 Ikea Ikea


10. Use a pegboard to hang pots and pans

More press space for junk food and clunky cereal boxes!

photo4 Charming and Gumption Blog Charming and Gumption Blog

11. Don’t dismiss under the sink

You might shove your bin in there, but you could be doing so much more. Hang towels on hooks on the door and cleaning fluids on a carefully propped stick.


a0607c6f5f46ddacecc507905367a3f4 Pinterest Pinterest

12. Magnetic fridge racks save you space in the press

Tiger sell little plastic baskets for super cheap, just super-glue some magnets to ‘em and you’re sorted.

FBQPUC0G23UXN4Q.LARGE Instructables Instructables

13. Get an over-the-sink cutting board

Find a cutting board that fits into your sink and voila, instant extended workspace.

cuttingboard01 Frets Frets

14. Make sure your chairs are stackable

IKEA fold up table too if you wanna go all out. Can also drag to your bedroom for a desk, if needs be.

vilmar-chair__0259513_PE403158_S4 Ikea Ikea

15. Put shelves in your presses

You can buy specially crafted shelves for your cupboards, OR, go all ghetto and use cooling racks.

IMG_3260 The colourless cottage The colourless cottage


16. Stick up a magnetic rack

Never lose your nail scissors or little brown clips again.

oqljh_12_595151 Troublemakers Troublemakers

17. Make a magnet board for your makeup

THE HOLY GRAIL. Here’s the tutorial.

tumblr_m2uyg0rZQb1qb7kj5o1_400 Allie Grace Allie Grace

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