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Everyone's freaking out about the Titanic alternate ending

Did Rose just get more annoying? Rose just got more annoying.

AT THE END of Titanic, Rose tosses a priceless diamond in to the ocean before ghost-cheating on her husband and the father of her children with Jack in the afterlife. It’s the ending we all know and begrudgingly accept.

However, most of us didn’t realise that one of the extras on the reissued DVD of the film (released in 2005) was an alternate ending. A ridiculous alternate ending.

In this version, recently unearthed and reposted by Buzzfeed, the crew notice Rose hanging off the edge of the ship (just like old times). They rush over to her, before she then reveals the diamond and threatens to drop it if they take a step closer.

"I'll do it I tell ya, I'll blow it's damn head off"

Then, old Rose convinces Bill Paxton that the treasure he’s spent years searching for is meaningless, and that “making each day count” is what really matters. Seriously.

She then allows him to touch the diamond briefly, before hucking it into the ocean. At this point, token nerdy guy actually says “that really sucks, lady”. That’s a thing that James Cameron wrote.

Game over man!

Needless to say, the whole thing’s generating some pretty strong reactions…


The ending, in all its glory, is embedded below.

Source: gus tavo/YouTube

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