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# Titanic

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# Titanic
Watch: Rare video of 1986 dive through Titanic wreckage has been released
The giant ocean liner struck an iceberg and sank in the frigid North Atlantic in April 1912.
All time
US judge rules that salvage firm can recover Titanic’s telegraph machine which sent distress signals
The Titanic sank in 1912 after colliding with an iceberg.
# Belfast
Unions remain hopeful jobs can be saved as iconic firm Harland and Wolff enters administration
The firm only needs to remain afloat for a few more days until a buyer is found, unions say.
# Virtual Reality
Now you can explore the Titanic shipwreck from your living room
The Irish company behind the game previously created a VR recreation of the 1969 moon landing.
# Adele
People on Twitter think Adele's 'Titanic'-themed birthday party was in pretty bad taste
Guests at the party received life jackets.
# dirty 30
You need to see Adele's whopper Titanic-themed 30th birthday party
Serious attention to detail here.
# you're here
The 'little Irish boy' in Titanic revealed that he still makes money from the movie 20 years later
Grand work if you can get it.
# revelations
Kate Winslet answered a very entertaining quickfire set of questions about Titanic last night
She auditioned with Matthew McConaughey. IMAGINE.
# Quiz
Can You Identify These Minor Characters In Titanic?
Jack and Rose are not included in case you thought there were a few handy points on offer.
# rms leinster
Great tragedy of 500 lives lost in sunken mail boat RMS Leinster retold
Over 500 people were killed when the boat sank, just a month before the First World War ended.
# i'll never let go
Was Rose actually lying on a door in Titanic? An investigation
It was wood panelling lads.
# the unsinkable
23 thoughts everyone has when they watch Titanic
I watched Titanic (again) for this.
# i'll never let go
Quiz: How well do you know the film Titanic?
Approaching its 20th anniversary of hitting our screens, Titanic is set to be screened again for one night only.
# their hearts will go on
Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio's friendship is Hollywood's greatest love story
Even better than Jack and Rose.
Titanic, Twister and Aliens actor Bill Paxton has died at the age of 61
The actor also starred in Terminator, Weird Science and Apollo 13.
# pretty big screen
Dublin's massive drive-in cinema is showing Titanic for Paddy's weekend
Along with some other stone cold classics.
# alternative history
Experts are disputing a documentary which says a fire was partly to blame for the Titanic sinking
The documentary has argued that long-hidden photographs showed fire damage on the Titanic’s hull.
# cora cartmell
Here's what Jack Dawson's 'best girl' from Titanic looks like now
Ah, little Cora!
# the great island
16 reasons why Cobh is way, way better than Midleton
They don’t it The Great Island for the craic, y’know.
# Titanic II
China is building a full-size replica of the Titanic
It’s going to go into a theme park.
# praise the titanic
'The Titanic is a symbol of something new and fresh - even though it reaches back 100 years'
Conal Harvey, the driving force behind Titanic Belfast, explains how the project rejuvenated the city.
# World Travel Awards
Titanic Belfast beats Eiffel Tower to be named Europe’s leading visitor attraction
The attraction saw off competition from the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin, Buckingham Palace in London and the Eiffel Tower in Paris.
# my heart will go on
The Hardest Titanic Quiz Ever
Yooouuu’re heeeeere, there’s NOOOOOOTHING I FEAR…
# unsinkable
Watch this unsettling recreation of the Titanic sinking in real-time
Turns out it took a long, long time for it to happen.
# i'll never let go
Kate Winslet has finally accepted responsibility for Jack's death in Titanic
# Dubai Rose
There is going to be a theme park based on Titanic and people are losing it
Some love the idea, but others… not so much.
# Tragedy
A menu saved from the 'millionaires lifeboat' off the sinking Titanic is going to auction
It is expected to reach up to $70,000.
Composer who wrote My Heart Will Go On dies in a plane crash
James Horner was 61.
# Letter
Titanic owners asked for money to return officer's body to England - but the body wasn't found
The letter is up for auction today.
# Belfast
Police say 'nothing untoward' about object after Titanic security alert
The alert had been raised about a suspicious object that had been found.
# never let go
This woman was accused of bribing Titanic crew not to go back for survivors
A letter she wrote after surviving the tragedy sold at auction today for almost $12,000.
# Out of control
'Shocked' boaters rescued in Cobh after motor-craft crashes at Titanic Bar
The men were thrown from their vessel after hitting a buoy. The boat then sped away from the scene and crashed into the shore.
# the invincibles
40 years on, Lions legend JPR Williams is still rocking lush sideburns
The dashing, doctoral Welshman joined 14 of his British & Irish Lions teammates for a reunion in Belfast.
# never let go
Jonah Hill and Leonardo DiCaprio beautifully recreated a Titanic moment last night
It happened on American TV show Saturday Night Live.
# down with this ship
Chinese Titanic museum will allow visitors to go down with the ship
The museum will take the shape of a replica Titanic.
# News Fix
Here's What Happened Today: Saturday
Everyone’s talking about a threat against Phil Hogan, an ATM scam and a plane crash in Belgium.
# Tragedy
Long-lost Titanic violin sold at auction for €1 million
The instrument was engraved by the fiancée of musician Wallace Hartley.
# the band played on...
Titanic bandmaster's violin on display in Belfast
The iconic instrument belonged to Wallace Hartley, who famously continued playing alongside his fellow musicians as the vessel sank in 1912.
# What about ye?
Lonely Planet says Northern Ireland is so hot right now - here's why
Here’s our look at five things to see and do in Northern Ireland.
# sobbing
9 fictional deaths that you will never, ever forget
Let alone get over.