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Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio's friendship is Hollywood's greatest love story

Even better than Jack and Rose.

TWENTY YEARS AGO this year, Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet were catapulted to stardom thanks to a little film called Titanic.

77bbc8075ff3cf33ba22a38172c150ee--leonardo-dicaprio-kate-winslet-titanic-leonardo-dicaprio Source: Pinterest

Unsurprisingly, somewhere along that crazy journey they became super close friends, and it’s still the same today.

They’ve been at pains to point out that they’ve never shifted, but that doesn’t matter to us (though there are entire communities devoted to shipping them). Their friendship is king.

They were only babies in Hollywood when they met

8a817873a2ecfbf1e93506cdf5d7fd88 Source: Pinterest

Kate was 20 when she was cast as Rose DeWitt Bukater, and Leo was 21 when he played Jack Dawson. LOOK AT THEM. They’ve their whole, Oscar-winning careers ahead of them.

And got on famously on the set of Titanic

Titanic Source: DPA/PA Images

Would it have been half as good if they didn’t have such great chemistry? No.

Titanic-titanic-33047336-500-243 Source: Fanpop

Twenty years on, they’re still gushing about each other in interviews

Oh yeah, they’re full time throwing around phrases like “love of my life”, “homegirl”, and “best friend”.

anigif_enhanced-8944-1412880122-27 Source: Buzzfeed

No you hang up! No you hang up!

Shouting each other out in speeches

Golden Globes Press Room Source: DPA/PA Images

When Kate won a Golden Globe in 2009 for Revolutionary Road, her second movie with Leo, she said:

Leo, I’m so happy I can stand here and tell you how much I love you, and how much I’ve loved you for 13 years.

He responded with this:

giphy Source: Giphy


And accompanying each other to glitzy celeb events

The 88th Academy Awards - Arrivals - Los Angeles Source: SIPA USA/PA Images

There they are looking fab at the Oscars in 2016, the year Leo finally won for The Revenant. Bonus pic: Kate congratulating him. :’)

The 88th Academy Awards - Show - Los Angeles Source: SIPA USA/PA Images

Leonardo even gave Kate away at her wedding in 2012

Revolutionary Road Premiere - London Source: PA Archive/PA Images

She married that man called Ned Rocknroll, nephew of Richard Branson and Virgin Galactic employee, remember?

So please, never fall out

We’re expecting lots more of this…

0eb08b47e4eef8948b245ee22ead166e Source: Pinterest

…And this:

rs_500x281-160130191749-leo_and_kate Source: Eonline

…And this, as the years go by.

anigif_enhanced-17118-1412886838-13 Source: Buzzfeed

Ah, bless. <3

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