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There’s an entire Twitter culture around tweeting this misheard TLC lyric
Don’t go, Jason Waterfalls.

REMEMBER TLC? OF course you do.

How could you forget stone cold classics like No Scrubs, Creep or, more importantly, Waterfalls?

Let’s remind ourselves of the latter, shall we?


Waterfalls was one of the biggest songs of 1995, spending seven weeks atop the Billboard Hot 100 and charting in the top five in various countries, including Ireland where it peaked at number 4.

As we all know, the chorus goes a little something like this:

Don’t go chasing waterfalls,Please stick to the rivers and the lakes that you’re used to

Well, it seems a lot of people have misheard the lyric as “Don’t go Jason Waterfalls”.

No, really.

In October 2013, a Twitter user tweeted this and it was retweeted nearly 1,100 times.

And despite later clarifying that it was a joke, the original tweet has become an internet meme of sorts.

Since then a sort of Twitter culture has developed around just tweeting the misheard lyric.

According to Topsy, the phrase “Jason waterfalls” has been tweeted over 8,000 times in the last 30 days.

jason Topsy Topsy

All together now:

Waterfalls funny-pictures funny-pictures

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