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Mistaken Identity

ITV journalist becomes accidental target of Super Bowl abuse, deals with it in best possible way

Meet Tom Bradby. He is not Tom Brady.

LAST NIGHT, MILLIONS of people tuned in to watch the New England Patriots win this year’s Super Bowl.

As with all high-stakes sporting events, emotions ran high and some players were subjected to abuse via Twitter. And, as it happens, so were some journalists.

Meet Tom Bradby.

Bradby is an ITV journalist whose name bears an unfortunate similarity to that of Tom Brady, better known as the star quarterback with the New England Patriots.

As the game got under way last night, Bradby’s Twitter interactions started to look a little like this.

Yes, football fans inadvertently directed their vitriolic messages to a British political journalist. Go figure.

Fortunately, Bradby took the whole thing in his stride and had this to say regarding the misunderstanding.

He then issued a plea to Gisele to get her husband to join Twitter.

He also confirmed that he had never deflated any balls, unlike his almost namesake. (Background on that saga here.)

Finally, he had an epiphany and came up with a compromise.

Sounds fair to us.

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