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8 reasons why Tom Cruise absolutely shouldn't be Ireland's new film ambassador

You’re grand and all, but no.

YOU’LL ALL BE PLEASED to know that Tom Cruise is not entirely opposed to becoming a film ambassador for Ireland. According to the Irish Examiner, the government are keen to recruit the actor to promote the Irish film industry abroad.

Well, that’s great and all, but we’re dubious about the whole thing. Is he really the best fit? Here are a few highly concerning opposition points we must consider before we do anything hasty.

1. He doesn’t look to fond of our national treasure

90296104 Source: Leon Farrell Photocall Ireland

Your mouth says ‘delicious’, your face says…

tomcruiseheader Source: Mark Stedman

2. He butchered our accent to the point of no return back in 1992

Source: movieclips

3. But it wasn’t that that hurt the most, he rubbed salt into the wounds as recently as APRIL

Why, why would you do that Tom?

Source: RTÉ - Ireland's National Television and Radio Broadcaster

4. He’s mates with our politicians and here they are having a good old laugh at his Certificate of Irish Heritage*

cruiseandeamonn Source: Mark Stedman


5. He totally snubbed Pat Kenny back in 1995

He also brought that pony tail and facial hair combo onto our shores.

00026325 Source: Leon Farrell Photocall Ireland!

00026321 Source: Leon Farrell Photocall Ireland!

6. He made our pint-sized President look TALL. This will not do

00026322 Source: Leon Farrell Photocall Ireland!

7. His ancestors were Knights of Strongbow, famine heroes and had a castle in Hollywood, Wicklow

BIT coincidental.

Source: discoverireland

8. Finally, he broke up with the ultimate red-head

Being ginger is one of our ‘things’, how can we trust you now Tom? How?

cruise kidman Source: EMPICS Entertainment

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