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PA Photos Tom Cruise and Jeremy Clarkson
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Tom Cruises into Gear
The Top Gun star will be ‘the star in the reasonably priced car’.

TOP GEAR’S BACK and already we’ve seen Harry Potter star Rupert Grint and the Godfather’s Andy Garcia zip around the Top Gear track in a Kia.

Now it’s Tom Cruise’s turn.

Cruise is car mad, according to The Sun, and the Top Gun star will be joined by Cameron Diaz as they battle it out for the fastest lap on this Sunday’s show. A source within the show said: “it’s fair to say, we’ve have never, ever had two bigger guests”. But it was Tom’s people who contacted Top Gear to see if they could get him on the show.

A post on the Top Gear site says: “Tom Cruise in a crappy Korean hatchback!

“That was the gag: massive A-list celebrities finding themselves shoehorned into the kind of car they’d normally never be seen dead in.  The whole thing was deliberately preposterous.

“And so, frankly, was our dream of getting the world’s biggest movie actor into an affordable mid-range car.”

Rupert Grint currently has the record of fastest lap on the show and Cruise will be hoping to eclipse the Harry Potter star.

Top Gear is on BBC 2 at 8pm on Sunday.