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The Sopranos' creator has finally revealed whether or not Tony Soprano is dead

SINCE THE SOPRANOS ended its run in 2007, David Chase has kept mum on the fate of its lead character, Tony Soprano.

As you may remember, the series finale of The Sopranos ended on a highly ambiguous note with the episode abruptly fading to black. Since then, debate has waged over whether or not the show’s hero was dead or alive.

On the alive side, Tim Goodman for SFGate in 2007:

I also still believe Tony’s alive and that the camera simply stopped – our glimpse into the machinations of both Soprano families is over. I think the ending leaves room for precisely one other theory: That Tony was killed. It’s certainly valid and if you choose to believe it, good for you. David Chase has allowed reasonable people to disagree.

And arguing for the dead side, Michael Imperioli, star of The Sopranos, in 2014:

My opinion is that…we were in [Tony's] point of view in the last moments of his life and that’s it. He’s not expecting it, it comes out of nowhere and if you were shot, if someone assassinated you, I don’t know, basically everything would go black and [David was] putting us in those shoes at that time.

Previously, David Chase had told EW that “if you look at the final episode really carefully, it’s all there”. This week, however, he has given a definitive answer for the first time.


Tony Soprano is alive.

In an interview with Vox, Chase was asked if Tony Soprano was dead. He shook his head and said, “No. No, he isn’t,” and then refuse to elaborate any further.

The announcement has elicited all sorts of reactions on Twitter.

Some are overjoyed.

Others feel vindicated.

Some are being unnecessarily pedantic.

While others are re-evaluating everything they thought they knew to be true.

*uses this as excuse to rewatch The Sopranos*

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