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11 signs you're too attached to your mobile phone

Your one true love.

THERE’S A WHOLE lot of your life in that little phone. In fact, most of it.

1. The thought of losing it gives you palpitations

If you can’t find it for a second you go into a blind panic.


2. It’s the first thing you look for in the morning

Partially to check the time, partially because you’re hoping for an influx of amazing over-night texts.


3. Your hand feels a bit empty without it

Fits like a glove.


Never leave us.


4. You feel deeply uneasy when someone else is looking at it

It’s like someone is reading your diary.

M6kv2N0 Source: Imgur

5. You’re pretty private about it, so it must be on you at all times

028f12f443d09f4c88392d64678c5b46 Source: Pinterest

6. It’s your crutch for every awkward social situation

Alone and waiting for someone? You still look cool and connected if you’re frantically texting on your phone. Obviously.


7. This is the most important app on your phone

God forbid it would go missing.


8. You feel uneasy if it’s not in your pocket

What if something happened to you? How would you call someone?


9. You’ve been known to hyperventilate at a low battery warning


10. You’re afraid of flying, just because you have to turn your phone off


11. If you drop it, the fall is the longest three seconds of your life


broke_03 Source: Acidcow

You’d rather drop your first born.

broken-iphone-screen Source: Mybrokenphone

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