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13 people who were way too cheeky for their own good

Taking things too far.

WE’RE SURROUNDED BY chancers and rascals in all walks of life – people who just don’t give a flying one and prove it on a daily basis.

So here, marvel at the ultimate chancers in history:

1. This unique way of handing in your notice at work

cheeky1 Source: Imgur

2. The absolute brass neck on this guy

gardachancer Source: Imgur

3. When you take the absolute piss with the free WIFI on offer

cheeky2 Source: Imgur

“I’ll have one tap water please, and I’ll be here all day.”

4. Guerilla marketing on the TV3 news

northsidceblinds Source: Youtube

Absolutely no qualms.

5. Selling dirt to Americans on the internet

thejar Source: kickstarter

6. When your cheekiness gets you a new official name

In grade eleven I secretly changed my name on photo day. Nobody noticed so it got printed on my student card Source: Imgur

The delicious irony of the school motto is lost on nobody as well.

7. All the staff that work in this restaurant

cheeky43 Source: Imgur

Not a single f*** given, all in the name of ice cream.

8. The marketing team behind this ad

blanket22 Source: Imgur


9. Anyone who wears a ‘beer tie’ to any social function

beertie Source: beertie.com

Chancer level: expert.

10. This delivery driver

packagebush1 Source: imgur

bushpackage Source: Imgur

11. When email spammers don’t even try any more

M4tXKNc Source: Imgur

When spamming has jumped the shark.

12. The cheek of offering this stump for 100 quid of your hard-earned cash

stump Source: Imgur

13. And finally, the ultimate chancer who felt the burning need to lock up their hula hoop

portland Source: waytoomuchportland

Sometimes you just have to admire them, such is their dedication to being chancers.

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