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12 people who just took things too far

There’s always one.

EVERY GROUP OF friends has one person who just can never let the joke lie.

They always take things too far:

1. Like the person who made this sign in Spar become a reality

madonna Source: Imgur

All of this person’s friends in unison: *sigh*

2. This monster

toofar Source: Imgur


3. This cat owner’s devotion might be too much

catlady Source: Imgur

4. In fact, the company that released this product definitely took things too far

petcarrier Source: Imgur

5. This contraption


Waaay too far.

6. These lads taking it past the point of sanity

toofar3 Source: Imgur

7. The fire station using a pop classic in the worst way possible

fireservice Source: Imgur

8. This guy’s storage technique is over the line

ipad Source: Imgur

The line is a dot to him.

9. The plumber that designed this tshirt

plumbers Source: Imgur

10. That time the Grumpy Cat got its own coffee

coffeegrump Source: Imgur

11. This guy put Skittles in with the M&Ms

bVdcsrk Source: Imgur

All part of an April Fool’s, but this is just too far.

12. And finally, when Calvin Klein added another dimension to their boxers

ck3d Source: Imgur

Ah here. This is just taking it too far.

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