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The Top 10 at 10: Tuesday

Ten things to make you smile tonight.

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EVERY EVENING at 10pm, we bring you the top 10 things to make you smile today – as covered on and elsewhere. Stand by for the Top 10 at 10.

1. Ireland’s got traffic jams of yachts and parking your helicopter is a nightmare. Yes, there are at least 18 terrifying signs the Celtic Tiger is back, and we’ve rounded them up.

2.  Mrs Brown released a video for marriage equality, directed by Lenny Abrahamson. And it was really pretty good. “We all have to grow up a little bit now,” she told Ireland.

3. A lot of people saw this frankly wonderful dog on Vine.


4. We compiled some useful “spring statements” of our own following the governement’s underwhelming attempt earlier. Ahem.

5. There’s a rogue batch of Brunch ice creams in circulation. But HB Ireland have now fixed the problem… here’s what’s actually going on.

6. Hmm, does this get-up from the VIP Style Awards look familiar at all?

7. Did you see Myleene Klass spelling ‘GOBSHITE’ on Countdown? If not, it’s right here.

8. Tom Vaughan-Lawlor was spotted filming with Bryan Cranston in Florida
(and sportingan incredible lipwarmer).

9. UCC students perfectly captured the art of procrastination in these wonderful Snapchats. You’d never know it was exam season anyway.

10. This genius response to a Tinder chat-up went viral.

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