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Here are Ireland's top 9 ice creams, in order of popularity

According to sales at a major supermarket.

WHAT IS IRELAND’S favourite ice cream, you ask?

Well, national ice cream sales figures* since January 2015 have just been released by Tesco.

We have kept it to portable ice creams only – nothing that comes in a tub – and removed own-brand products to bring you this: Ireland’s biggest-selling ice creams this year, in reverse order.

*Rankings are calculated by number of ice creams sold, not by value

9. Brunch

The Marmite of ice creams. Some people swear by it. Some people argue that the phrase ‘crusty bits’ is less refreshing snack, more personal hygiene issue. Whatever, it’s a national institution.

8. Magnum Pink Raspberry

The newest ice cream on this list, Magnum Pink launched only this January and is already storming into the top ten. Perhaps not coincidentally, it’s the most inexplicably gendered of the bunch. The campaign for a ‘Magnum Steel’ ice cream for men starts here.

7. Cornetto Classico

Source: remysharp

The ice cream your mam buys when she’s treating herself. And why not?

6. Fruit Pastille lollies

Source: weegeebored

‘Turning Your Mouth Freaky Colours Since 1992’

5. Magnum White Chocolate

Source: schoschie

To be honest, we can’t believe this is behind the almond one. Massive injustice.

4. Magnum Almond

Source: tomasz.wegrzanowski

Grand, but it’s no white chocolate, is it?

3. Magnum Classic

The most powerful status-symbol ice cream of all. Walking around with a Magnum Classic as a kid is basically the same as owning a giant gaff in Foxrock with two SUVs in the drive.

2. Loop the Loop

Some people would dismiss this as an ice cream for youngsters. Those people are fools, and when a real rain comes they will be the first washed away.

1. Iceberger

Source: quiz-zone

Officially Ireland’s number one ice cream! So simple, and yet so powerful. All hail the Iceberger.

(In conclusion, the Tangle Twister was robbed.)

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