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# Shellshocked
A girl asked her boyfriend to look after her pet tortoise, so he trolled her with these photos
Tortoises behaving badly.
# comin atcha
This tortoise got a brand new 3D-printed shell after her own one was damaged
Her name is Cleopatra, and she looks fierce.
# slow and steady
Watch a tortoise slowly, slowly chase off a man who interrupted him mating
The animal kingdom-equivalent of your mate walking in on you getting the ride.
# hero in a half shell
This tortoise rescuing its overturned pal is the meaning of friendship
“Nnnnnggg. Nnnnnnggg. There.”
# slow progress
This tortoise failing to climb a slide sums up every bad day you've ever had
The struggle is real.
# slow and steady
A 150-pound giant tortoise was found 'on the run' by US police
His name is Clark. Clark the tortoise.
# the wild life
Tortoises mating. Just watch it.
And stick with it til the end.
# tortoise
Tortoise has amputated leg replaced with Lego wheel
Schildi keeps on rollin’.
# hero in a half shell
Tortoise found 'wandering around Dublin Castle'
Do you know anything about it?
# Iowa
Solved: The mystery of the tortoise found in the lift
Was Cashew the tortoise stolen and then smuggled back into an Iowa museum?
# In Pictures
London Zoo keepers weigh and measure 16,000 animals
There’s just no such thing as privacy anymore.
# Shell Shock
Tortoise Lonesome George, last of his species, found dead
The giant tortoise species was thought to be extinct when George was found in 1972.
# Daily Fix
The Daily Fix: Sunday
Our essential roundup of the day’s big stories – plus any bits and pieces you may have missed.
# Great Escape
Have you seen this tortoise? 100-year-old pet makes quick getaway in Dublin
Florentine the tortoise’s escape has been trending on Twitter in Dublin this afternoon after his unexpected getaway.
# Animals
Four accused of eating endangered Zimbabwe tortoises
The men admitted killing 40 of the endangered animals, while another 13 live tortoises were found in a house raised by invesetigators.
# The Littlest Hobos
Homeward bound: 7 pets reunited with owners against the odds
Check out some heartwarming tales of animals who’ve found their way back to their owners after some incredible and mysterious journeys…