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Full Moon

9 people paying rightful tribute to Jaffa Cakes today

Half moon…

YES, IT’S TOTAL Eclipse Day, but it’s so much more than that.

It’s Jaffa Cake Lady Day.

Here are some of the brave soldiers keeping her memory alive…

Good man Brendan

Tweet by @Brendan O'Loughlin Brendan O'Loughlin / Twitter Brendan O'Loughlin / Twitter / Twitter

Us too Ange, us too

Claire, taking one for the team

Some get Charlie a chair and a biscuit, STAT

She’s worth her weight in gold Johnathan

She’s always in our hearts Daniel

You know it, Ben

You got it, Dan

Jaffa Cakes Rory, always Jaffa Cakes

CultOfJaffa / YouTube

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