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11 of the toughest decisions ever made while grocery shopping

Here are drastic scenes of the aftermath.

CHOICES WERE MADE here. Choices we must never speak of again.

1. On second thoughts, chopping that up is too much effort

vvEJfzQ Source: Imgur

2. The kids won’t miss them

decisions1 Source: Funny Stuff

3. Lets be real here

KnDEAwQ Source: Imgur

4. This one was a toughy

XkOQCIK Source: Imgur

5. Breakfast of champions or breakfast of children?

0krFV5W Source: Imgur

6. All that PEELING though

UO7W7WQ Source: Imgur

7. Lettuce ponder this one. COOKIES

Z8Fskjv Source: Imgur

8. Can’t wait to go home and crack this op… omg HULK HANDS!

wpid-s1ojblu Source: Wordpress

9. She doesn’t love me, anyway

choice-was-made-here-valentines-edition Source: Wordpress

10. We all know the answers here

decisions2 Source: Cheezburger

11. At least someone around here can make some good choices

529f30eb9364b Source: Memedroid

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