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Toy Show

The Unofficial Late Late Toy Show Drinking Game

It’s that time of year again.

THE CHRISTMAS LIGHTS have been switched on, seasonal jumpers are no longer totally offensive and you’re already fantasising about Christmas dinner.

Yes, it is the most wonderful time of the year and it just got a little more wonderful on account of tonight’s Late Late Toy Show. Given the night that’s in it, we invite you to sit back, throw the feet up and play our annual Toy Show Drinking Game.

(PS: don’t forget to follow our Toy Show live blog, which will kick off at 9.20pm tonight.) 

To play, you will need:

Beverage of your choice

Office Stock Anthony Devlin Anthony Devlin

Doesn’t need to be alcoholic. Tea and hot chocolate will completely suffice if that’s how you want to roll, baby.

Means of watching the Toy Show

Shutterstock-148144079 Shutterstock Shutterstock
i.e. your telly or access to RTÉ Player.

Childlike wonder 


With a healthy dash of cynicism, of course.

The rules

It’s simple: just take a generous slug from your beverage of choice each time time any of the following happens.

Every time a toy fails to work like it “did in rehearsal”



Every time a child looks desperately at the audience because they have forgotten their lines

“Go on, say hello.”



Every time Ryan changes his outfit

More costume changes than Lady Gaga, tbh.


Every time the camera pans to the audience swaying and clapping out of time

Not a care in the world and not an ounce of rhythm. God bless and keep them.


Every time a child is surprised by his/her hero and doesn’t quite know how to process his/her emotions


Every time Ryan makes an adult joke that goes over kids’ heads


Every time a child does something that was definitely not cleared in rehearsal

And gives the production manager nerves.


Every time there’s thousands of children on screen singing at the same time

Might as well down whatever you’re drinking during this, really.


Every time Ryan attempts to bust a move

child2 Imgur Imgur

Every time a reference to Frozen is made

As you casually place your hands over your child’s ears and pray that they didn’t hear it/don’t suddenly want a Snow Glow Elsa for Christmas.


When Ryan’s sanity visibly starts to diminish about two hours in

640 Clickhole Clickhole

And he becomes a shadow of his former self.

Every time Ryan just sort of pokes a toy with a microphone wand


Every time the audience get really crap swag

And you scoff into your drink. (You’re still jealous you’re not there, though.)


Every time an old man trapped in an adorable young child’s body appears on the screen

(Bonus chug for when the kids who love toy tractors appear.)


And, of course, any time the immortal phrase “And there’s one for everyone in the audience” is uttered


Merry Christmas, one and all.

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