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11 toys all 90s kids have loved and lost

Not again…

DAMMIT. NOT AGAIN. If you didn’t lose one of these at some stage, were you a 90s kid at all?

1. Polly Pocket

If she wasn’t getting her face wiped off, she was getting lost.

EMGN-Polly-Pocket-110 Source: Emgn

Stick her to the floor of her house where she belongs.

maxresdefault Source: Ytimg

2. Puppy in My Pockets


You adopted them, until they ran off under the sofa and into the hoover.

3. Slyvanian Families

Well, the babies at least. Poor little pets.

415o8ZIppJL._SX300_ Source: amazon

4. Footballer heads

You left Gary Neville in the supermarket again, didn’t you?

tinypic photo Source: TinyPic

5. My Little Pony combs

NOT ANOTHER ONE. No wonder she looks like she just woke up.

$_57 Source: Ebay

6. Baby All Gone’s spoon

Kinda defeats the whole purpose of the feed.

tumblr_ne4d5pavYS1tdhimpo1_500 Source: Tumblr

7. Hot wheels

It’s your own fault for lashin it down the church.

848577544941f1412ea71fa2b9e72170 Source: Pinterest

8. Sky dancers

Sure, you still had the base. But what use is it without the dancer?

enhanced-18120-1451948411-1 Source: foxxfound.tumblr

8. Power Rangers weapons

There are well fiddly, to be fair.

powerranger Source: Wordpress

9. The rods from your fishing game

Now, effectively, useless.

eX1IYh9 Source: Imgur

10. The topping of your cupcake doll

Making her just… doll.

f9196d6c7c330a9c8a5a5003e6c01a03 Source: Pinterest

11. The plates from Fashion Plates

* Colours over same outfit, again*

bb3fee0649d72e1ed6441b3015c41677 Source: Pinterest

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