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VIDEO: Your weekend movies... Guardians of the Galaxy

Cinema trip this weekend? DailyEdge.ie brings you snippets from new releases to help you decide where to put your money…

WHICH NEW MOVIE release is worth the price of a cinema ticket this weekend?

We’re here to help you decide just that, with these trailers.

Mood Indigo

Source: MOVIECLIPS Trailers/YouTube

For fans of: Whimsy

Avoid if: You’re not into ‘surreality’

Michel Gondry is inspired by a cult novel about the romantic story of a couple who fall in love in a rather strange and surreal Paris. But their love is threatened after the woman (Audrey Tatou) is struck by a unique illness.

Guardians of the Galaxy

Source: CBMTrailers/YouTube

For fans of: Action, abs

Avoid if: You don’t care about guarding the galaxy

We all know that this is the film that Chris Pratt got ultra-buff for, so let’s get that out of the way first. In this Marvel flick, he plays Peter Quill, an adventurer who has to get his rivals together to fight the dangerous villain Ronan. Yes, the baddie is called Ronan.

The Nut Job

Source: MOVIECLIPS Trailers/YouTube

For fans of: Insert nut jokes here

Avoid if: You can only think of nut jokes

Holy macadamia! Squirrels try to get their hands on their nuts (I KNOW) after their food is destroyed. But will they succeed in breaking into a nut shop? They must be cracked to try (SORRY).

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