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A trans teen's mum updated her tattoo of him in the nicest way

The perfect tribute.

A TATTOO ARTIST’S adorable tattoo fix of his wife’s tattoo of their son is warming hearts all over the internet.

10420281_807968602612371_2118192199928870176_n Source: stevepeacetattoos

Canadian tattoo artist Steve Peace retouched his wife Lindsay’s tattoo of their oldest son Ace.

Ace is a 15-year-old trans teen, and he thought his current portrait wasn’t at all representative and needed a swift update.

Instead of lasering Ace off, Steve wrote:

This tattoo is on my wife. She has mini portraits of all of our kids that are 10 years old and all need a little going over. As our oldest child Ace is FTM transgender we need to update the tattoo to fully represent who he is in his happy new awesome life.

Linsday said it made Ace sad, and was “a constant reminder of this time in his life I don’t think he wants to remember being that person”.

The retouch includes Ace’s pink dress replaced with a t-shirt and shorts, pigtails were removed, and a bow was turned into a slingshot.

11412170_849218305154067_1982044150500164072_n Source: Steve Peace Tattoos

Ace told Global News that he was ‘thrilled’ with the surprise transformation after coming out as transgender last year.

ahappy1 Source: via Global News footage

It made me really happy. I didn’t realise how much she believed me. It finally fits.

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