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# Transportation

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# Stateside
Those new flights from Cork to Boston could be on the way very soon
The US Department of Transportation has removed a big hurdle.
# storm frank
Army deployed around the country to help tackle flooding
The Defence Forces will be help by providing sandbags and transportation.
# early and often
Irish Rail are making some big changes to the Dart and want to hear from you
A public consultation is taking place on running six Darts an hour.
# Resources
'It's crazy really': Gardaí spend €80,000 on taxis to escort people in custody
Officers have said the use of taxis is usually a resourcing issue.
# Next Stop
The DOs and DON'Ts of taking public transport
This is how to behave. Take note, everyone.
# Thumbs up
Ratings agency S&P is a Ryanair fan, praising ‘industry-leading operating efficiency’
The ratings agency did however note Ryanair’s ‘reputation for providing less customer-friendly services than some of its peers’.
# IHS Automotive
54 million self-driving cars to be on the roads by 2035
It’s expected that by 2050, vehicles with self-driving capabilities will outnumber manual cars across the globe.
# birth of a nation
Relatives of Irish transported to Australia invited to celebrate their heritage
Notorious Fremantle Prison to mark contribution of all transported convicts to the building of Western Australia – including Irish.
13 of the worst things about being a wedding guest
It’s an honour to be invited, but they’re not without a few annoyances.
# Your Say
Poll: Would you welcome more privatisation of bus routes?
Private bus operators have said they could save the State up to €30 million a year if they take over some subsidised bus routes. But would you welcome more privatisation of bus routes?
In photos: what has US airport security confiscated this week?
Well, for a start, some grenades, guns and knife-combs.
# look no hands
Self-driving cars get the nod... in Nevada
Google awarded license to operate tests on auto-pilot cars.
Video: Your uber-fast future commute to work?
Shopping in New York, dinner in Beijing and home in time for bed – it could be possible…
# Robot Sphere
New Robot of the Day Video
Italian designers have developed a robot that moves in all directions – on ‘spheres’.