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New Robot of the Day Video

Italian designers have developed a robot that moves in all directions – on ‘spheres’.

Image: Federico Ciccarese and Mauro Alfieri

REMEMBER THE ITALIAN designer who came up with an intriguing concept iPhone 5?

Well, Federico Ciccarese been busy in the meantime: he has been involved in a project to develop a robot that features system of movement involving ‘spheres’ in the place of wheels or limbs.

In collaboration with Mauro Alfieri, Ciccarese has developed a robot that can move forwards, backwards, sideways or around in a circle. The robot uses the open-source Arduino Microprocessor as its ‘brain’.

Ciccarese told TheJournal.ie that the robot’s design “was born from the idea of revolutionising the classic wheel”.

(Video uploaded by ciccaresedesignvideo)

“After several projects and prototypes we were able to realise [what] we only see in movies: Sphere motion,” he said. The robot’s application in daily life is limited “only by human imagination”, he adds.

The designers are working on building their project and are fundraising for the venture. They say they are also interested in meeting with other people in the industry who are interested in this project and in future transportation design.

New Robot of the Day Video
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