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# leaders in the field
Ireland's trend-setting attack not about 'pulling rabbits out of the hat'
Mike Catt has implemented the same attack with the Emerging Ireland squad in South Africa.
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# Analysis
Leinster learn from England in pursuit of multi-threat attacking kicking game
Robbie Henshaw and Johnny Sexton delivered two superb touches against Munster on Saturday.
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'By 2016 foreign owners had bought, or held significant shares in, 15 of the Premier League’s 20 teams'
Read an extract from ‘The Billionaires Club’ by James Montague.
# Smithfield
Brazilian couple tricked out of €1,000 in new rental scam in north inner city Dublin
The couple said they signed a legitimate-looking lease.
# throwback
The matching trackie from primary school is back to make outfit planning so much easier
Everyone from Hailey Bieber to Kim K is wearing one.
# Trend Alert
Goodbye statement earrings! The latest ‘it’ accessory is the answer to greasy fringe
And it’s all over Instagram.
# throwback
6 beauty trends that (deservedly) died a death in recent years
Remember these?
# Tack Central
11 of the tackiest bags you'll probably want to buy
Embrace the tack!
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Ball-carriers, beware! Clampdown on the leading forearm/elbow continues
Scarlets centre Kieron Fonotia has been banned for three weeks.
# one two
Analysis: Leavy's try for Leinster continues a clever trend around the fringes
We’ve seen a similar tactic from Exeter, the All Blacks and Ireland, among others, in recent times.
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Analysis: Bridge passes proving key to unlocking Six Nations defences
Ireland saw the damaging effects of overhead passes last weekend against Wales.
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Germany's 40-year penalty record continues and more Euro 2016 thoughts
Plus, Italy’s final-third flaws prove their undoing.
# China
The #A4 waist trend has seen a major backlash - here's why
We take a look at how it all happened.
# nose job
There's a plastic surgery craze in Iran and people are wearing their nose bandages with pride
In Iran’s largest cities it is easy to spot women — but also men — with bandages on their noses, flaunting the fact they recently went under the knife.
# glitterbeard
Men are putting tons of glitter in their beards for a festive makeover
# glitterball
Glitter roots is the Christmas beauty trend that everyone is talking about
It’s as simple as firing some glitter straight on to those roots.
# Careful Now
Phone pinching might be the most stressful (and stupid) internet challenge yet
# Between the lines
Adult colouring books are the new mindfulness
Fans of the new craze say it helps them with anxiety and staying calm.
# farm safety
Farm deaths: "Do we ban all over-65s from the farm? Of course not"
A group representing farmers said that farm deaths cannot be compared to other sectors.
# meowtfit
Cats wearing tights are way funnier than dogs wearing tights
And dogs wearing tights were pretty funny, it has to be said.
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Sagan's podium 'bottom-pinch' inspires Slovak craze
The cyclist was heavily criticised after he was seen grabbing the bottom of a blonde hostess after the race.
# Careful Now
The dos and don'ts of taking selfies
With examples. Great, great examples.
# Work Can Wait
Forget Planking, Horsemaning and Owling…. Hedge Facing is the new thing
Oh and you can forget Tebowing, Stocking and Jolie-ing too.
Would you have morning-after wedding pics taken?
Wedding photographers have noticed a demand for wedding photos to be taken after the night before. So are these racy, romantic or just plain wrong? Tell us in our mini-poll.
# the way we were
8 trends from the 1990s we're happy disappeared
The trends we wish time forgot, like Beanie Babies, Pogs, Pokemon and Troll Dolls…