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Some guy claimed that trousers are a male-only tax and the internet lost it

The Just A Tampon campaign has sparked an, uh, interesting debate.

tampon5 Source: Twitter

YESTERDAY, THERE WERE photos popping up everywhere of people on Twitter holding tampons up for the camera – and it’s still going today.

It was all part of the #JustATampon campaign that’s been launched in the UK to break the stigma around periods – and get people talking about them.

Channel 4′s Jon Snow was one of the first celebrities to get on board with it. Problem was, he had a few people disagree with the idea that tampons shouldn’t be taxed. One of the responses has gone viral today – and it’s easy to see why:

Bruce Everiss – the man behind the idea of the male-only trouser tax – works in the gaming industry and outlined his views in more detail on his blog:

trousers2 Source: bruceonpolitics

The blog post doesn’t mention trousers once, which was surprising to many.

But now, all people can do is tweet about trousers

And come up with plans on how to use it in the future

But there were plenty who just had to point out how ridiculous the whole idea is

Most people who saw it though have just resorted to tweeting the word itself – in all its glory

And that’s how not to win an argument on the internet.


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