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6 questions we have after watching the trailer for True Detective season 2

So many meaningful glances.

TODAY, HBO GAVE the world its first glimpse of the new series of True Detective.

The second season of the anthology crime series begins in June and stars Colin Farrell, Vince Vaughn, Rachel McAdams and Taylor Kitsch.

Source: HBO/YouTube

The trailer lets little slip, but it does give you a flavour of what to expect, namely brass knuckle dusters and a lot of violence.

But it also poses some questions.


1. Will the new season of True Detective be dialogue-free?

The first season of True Detective was laden with cryptic references and dense dialogue, but this trailer doesn’t contain any dialogue. Have they decided to just forego it altogether?

2. Are you required to have a moustache if you want to be in True Detective?

Apparently so!

This season, Colin Farrell takes over from Matthew McConaughey as the owner of the most depressing ‘tache on television. We can’t wait.

3. Is 2015 shaping up to be the year of the moustache?

moustache Source: HBO/YouTube

Evidence is mounting to suggest that it might just be the year of the ronnie.

mortdecai Source: YouTube

CB_N-ZgXIAAnoZq Source: Hugh Deery/Twitter

But we think it’s still too early to say.

Check back with us in December.

4. How many meaningful glances are in this trailer?


We counted 12 in total, which equates to one smouldering glance every 5 seconds.

That’s a lot of smoulder.

5. What’s that amazing song in the trailer?

The haunting song in the trailer is written by T-Bone Burnett and Roseanne Cash, and performed by Nashville singer-songwriter Lera Lynn.

Unfortunately, the track itself is unreleased so you’ll just need to watch the trailer over and over again to listen to it.

6. Who’s this fella?

truedetective Source: HBO/YouTube

Vince? Colin? Taylor? Someone else entirely?

We haven’t a notion, but we’re excited.

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