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17 brilliantly addictive Tumblrs that will aid your procrastination
Warning: may lead to procrastination.

HAVE A FEW hours to kill on the internet? Sick of visiting the same old websites?

Allow us to recommend some utterly addictive Tumblrs for your perusal.

1. Old Loves

tumblr1 Old Loves / Tumblr Old Loves / Tumblr / Tumblr

A compendium of images of celebrity couples that once were. Utterly addictive.

(Above: Robert Downey Jr., Sarah Jessica Parker and a kitten.)

2. Go Book Yourself 

tumblr3 Go Book Yourself / Tumblr Go Book Yourself / Tumblr / Tumblr

Looking for a book to read, but no longer trust the Amazon “You might also like…” algorithm? This Tumblr is a human-curated feed of book recommendations based on books you have previously enjoyed, complete with aesthetically pleasing graphs.

3. Awesome People Hanging Out Together 

tumblr4 Awesome People Hanging Out Together / Tumblr Awesome People Hanging Out Together / Tumblr / Tumblr

Photos of celebrities hanging out together. Enough said.

4. F**K! i’m in my twenties

tumblr_ma81fv4LAy1qjm1zlo1_1280 F**K! i'm in my 20s / Tumblr F**K! i'm in my 20s / Tumblr / Tumblr

The brainchild of Emma Koenig, F**K! i’m in my 20s is a blog dedicated to, well, being in your twenties. With smart, witty observations, it offers ruminations on everything from dating to procrastination. (It’s since been adapted into a book.)

You have to dig back a bit to reach the archive, but once you do, you can kiss goodbye to an hour.

5. Actresses Without Teeth

tumblr6 Actresses Without Teeth / Tumblr Actresses Without Teeth / Tumblr / Tumblr

Horrifying and captivating in equal measure.

6. Onion-Like Headlines in Real Life 

tumblr7 Onion Like Headlines in Real Life / Tumblr Onion Like Headlines in Real Life / Tumblr / Tumblr

Says it all on the tin, really. Real-life headlines that are so absurd they could appear in The Onion.

7. Movie Poster of the Day

tumblr8 Movie Poster of the Day / Tumblr Movie Poster of the Day / Tumblr / Tumblr

A brilliantly curated blog dedicated to gorgeous film posters. Case in point: the Polish poster for Godzilla.

8. What Should I Eat For Breakfast Today?

tumblr9 What Should I Eat For Breakfast Today? / Tumblr What Should I Eat For Breakfast Today? / Tumblr / Tumblr

As it is the most important meal of the day, it seems only right that it would have this Tumblr dedicated to it. What Should I Eat For Breakfast Today? is a must for anyone who values breakfast above all else.

With recipes, reviews and mouthwatering photos of delicious breakfast meals, prepare to lose a couple of hours to this.

9. Women Artists

tumblr10 Women Artists / Tumblr Women Artists / Tumblr / Tumblr

One for the artsy types, this blog is a celebration of female artists and their output. Prepare to get acquainted with artists from all disciplines.

10. Vintage Black Glamour

tumblr11 Vintage Black Glamour / Tumblr Vintage Black Glamour / Tumblr / Tumblr

A celebration of black history, this blog run by Nichelle Gainer features stunning photographs of black figures from throughout history.

11. I’m Remembering

tumblr12 stacylaynematthews / Tumblr stacylaynematthews / Tumblr / Tumblr

Enjoy reminiscing about the 1980s/1990s? Then you will love Remember When, a site devoted exclusively to pop culture from that era. Expect old breakfast cereals and GIFs galore.

12. Animals Doing People Things 

tumblr12 Animals Doing People Things / Tumblr Animals Doing People Things / Tumblr / Tumblr

Animals behaving and acting like humans. Yes, please.

13. Things Organised Neatly

tumblr13 Things Organised Neatly / Tumblr Things Organised Neatly / Tumblr / Tumblr

Pictures of items arranged meticulously and presented beautifully. For anyone with obsessive-compulsive tendencies, this Tumblr is a godsend.

14. Letterheady 

tumblr2 Letterheady / Tumblr Letterheady / Tumblr / Tumblr

From the people who brought you the exquisite Letters of Note, Letterheady collects and presents letterhead belonging to celebrities, public figures and famous entities.

15. People Who 

tumblr14 People Who / Tumblr People Who / Tumblr / Tumblr

Described as “an outlet to identify those people who confounded him with their CONTINUED, PERSISTENT EXISTENCE,” People Who is an excellent collection of observations about those people. You know the types.

16. Nerd Boyfriend

tumblr15 Nerd Boyfriend / Tumblr Nerd Boyfriend / Tumblr / Tumblr

This blog posts retro images of well-dressed men and gives recommendations on how to dress like them today. A little bit amazing.

17. Awkward Stock Photos 

tumblr16 Awkward Stock Photos / Tumblr Awkward Stock Photos / Tumblr / Tumblr

Bizarre, inexplicable stock photos presented without commentary. Precisely what you’ve always wanted from the internet.

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