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QUIZ: Are you turning into your parents?

This post will give you a definitive answer.

DO YOU HAVE a sneaking suspicion that you’re turning into your mother and/or father?

This is a big deal – and it’s important that you get answers, right now. Luckily, DailyEdge.ie is here to help.

Simply tot up the number of these parental traits that you have acquired, and add up the points for a rating at the end.

Feel free to send this quiz on to any friends or family you feel may be in need of it. You could really help someone, you know.

1. You tidy the house rigorously before guests arrive (10 points)


2. You turn off lights obsessively (5 points)


3. You find supermarket special offers irresistible (5 points)

Flickr/Stuart Chalmers

4. You now find revealing clothes slightly shocking, rather than exciting (35 points)


5. You’re happy to spend more money on things if you ‘know they’ll last’ (25 points)

Flickr/The Eggplant

6. You firmly believe that many things are too loud (20 points)


7. You discuss driving directions at length, even after your arrival (45 points)

Photo via Shutterstock

8. You find things ‘young people’ are into a bit daft (45 points)

Flickr/Corey-Adam Crowley Graphics

9. You take a bag of medication on holiday, just in case (20 points)


10. You own ‘good’ plates (80 points)

Flickr/EraPhernalia Vintage

11. You wait until a certain time of year to turn the heat on, no matter how cold it is (65 points)


12. You find yourself criticising the workmanship of clothes (70 points)

“They’d want to have put a hem on that for that price”


13. You curse at inanimate objects (100 points)



Count up your points, and see how you did?

0-100 points: Safety Zone

You are in the first flush of youth. Why are you even taking this quiz? Shouldn’t you be out listening to the Lumineers and taking a recreational drug us oldsters don’t even know the name of yet?

101-250 points: Danger Level Orange

You’re still young, but you’re crossing into the danger zone. Chances are you look the spit of them when the light catches you a certain way, and when you do that sharp-intake-of-breath thing while somebody else is driving.

Give it a few more years then take this quiz again – if you can find it beneath your pile of sensible weekly shopping lists.

251-450 points: Danger Level Red

Oh dear. You carry tissues with you everywhere and become agitated about the separation of coloured and white washes. We won’t mention the immersion heater, will we?

451-500: It’s All Over

Peer through your bifocals and cancel the golfing holiday – it’s a done deal. You are your mum and/or dad. Sorry.

Feel free to share your results in the comments…

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