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British Mum Was your restaurant pizza ready-made? Does it matter when it looks like this?
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What to watch on TV tonight: Tuesday
Here are the shows that will be on your Twitter timeline this evening.

Every lunchtime, rounds up the TV shows that you’ll be tweeting about tonight and talking about tomorrow.

Tricks of the Restaurant Trade (Channel 4, 8pm)

Stand back and watch as Channel 4 shows you how your favourite restaurants are ripping you off. Well, no, not quite, but this show demonstrates the behind-the-scenes shortcuts restaurants take to get by. This episode focuses on pre-prepared food and drink – did your cocktail come in a carton?

CBB Live Eviction (TV3, 9pm)

The giant rolling sh**show that is CBB trundles on tonight, with Danniella, John, Kristina and Tiffany all up for eviction. Will yesterday’s incident in which Irish ‘reality star’ Jeremy McConnell encouraged Tiffany to show the nation her nether regions be a factor? Only time will tell. #cbb

Adam Pearson: Freak Show (BBC3, 9pm)

Adam Pearson has a genetic condition that causes severe facial disfigurement. In this documentary, he investigates the world of the modern freak show – travelling to the US to meet some of the people who use their medical conditions to make a living.

Everybody’s talking about: Will Making A Murderer come back?

Netflix Netflix

Making A Murderer is the most talked-about TV show of 2016 so far. So will Netflix revisit the story of Steven Avery for another series? Maybe, according to the filmmakers – who told journalists that they had recorded phone calls with Avery since the series’ release “with an eye toward including them… should there be any future episodes”.

But it’s far from a done deal. Netflix’s Ted Sarandos tells the Hollywood Reporter that the company is “not talking about a second season” for the moment.

Or flick over for…

  • Victorian Bakers (BBC2, 8pm) Kind of like the Great British Bake Off, but… in olden times. 
  • Adoption Stories: What Happened Next (TV3, 8.30pm) TV3 revisits the adoptees who told their stories to catch up. 
  • Manchester’s Serial Killer? (Channel 4, 11pm) A new investigation into a number of unsolved murders in Manchester.
  • State of Play (ITV4, 9pm) Movie version of the killer BBC series on journalists and espionage.

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