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7 signs you're addicted to a TV series

Are you a TV series junkie? We understand.

MOST OF US understand the happiness and sorrow of being hopelessly addicted to a certain TV programme.

From  Breaking Bad to The Wire, whether it’s The West Wing, Arrested Development or The Sopranos – there are so many TV shows out there to get hooked on. Here are the signs that you might be a TV series addict.

1. Hearing the theme song fills you with joy

At last! It’s starting!


Image: No Thought Control

2. You have an emotional connection with the characters

They’re pretty much like real people to you.


Image: Tumblr

3. Social media is a no man’s land the day a new episode is out

People will RUIN IT!


4. You refuse to discuss it with anyone if they aren’t caught up

Either watch the latest series or get out of here, pal.


Image: Break

5. Happily watching six episodes at once to catch up

Six hours of your life gone, just like that. And yet you’ve rarely been as content.


Image: Graphics99

6. There is nothing to talk about with someone who doesn’t watch it

“Well, what are we going to talk about now? Our LIVES?”


Image: Lolbrary

7. You can’t believe one day it will be over

You’ll be bereft.


Image: Imgur

Until you start over with a new series, that is…

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