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New TV station goes on air for the first time, immediately drops a C-bomb

Congratulations to all involved.

THERE ARE WAYS to make an impact with a new TV station, and then there is the example of Made in Leeds TV.

Launched in November of last year, the Yorkshire-based TV channel’s first show was called The Launch Show – and it featured a segment called ‘How To Pull A Lady’.

As The Guardian reports, within this section of the programme the following interaction played out:

“It’s a good cop, bad cop,” said one man during a vox pop. “Exactly,” his friend replied. “He’s the c**t and I’m nice. It works.”

The show was aired before the watershed, and today the Broadcasting Regulator in the UK Ofcom deemed it to be unacceptable language:

Made in Leeds breached broadcasting rules for airing the most offensive language before the watershed.

The show was also aired the following morning at 8am, with the same segment included.

The Ofcom ruling on Made in Leeds – who apologised for the incidents – also stated that:

“The channel separately breached our rules during a trailer for The trailer exceeded the limits for flashing images which serve to protect those affected by photosensitive epilepsy.”

Well, remind us not to watch any ads for ever again.

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