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8 of the quickest reactions to TV3 being bought by UPC

The sarcasm was strong.


THE NEWS CAME through this evening that TV3 has been sold to UPC – and it’s all anyone can talk about.

What’s going to happen? Will anything change? We have NO answers. But there were plenty of witty observations:

1. Theories on how this momentous deal came about

2. And the sarcasm was strong out there

3. Pop culture references flew about

4. Predictions on joint programming were realistic

Tv3s Vincent Browne pictured at The George Bar in

5. And everyone was aware how valuable the #vinb hashtag is

6. But what will it mean for the show?

7. And if you have a problem with our beloved Vincent?

8. But the real silver lining might be that it’s the perfect deal for one man

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